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The Filter Factory Products

The Filter Factory, Inc currently manufactures filters for the following applications. If you are unsure which filter type best suits you application, please feel free to contact us.

cabin air (1).jpg

Cabin Air Filtration Filters

Cabin Air filters are used to protect equipment operators from hostile conditions in their operating environment.

electronic cabinet.jpg

    Electronic Cabinet Filters

Electronic Cabinet filters are used to clean air brought into electronic enclosures for cooling purposes.


HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are used in clean rooms and other applications where submicronic contamination is a threat.


    Rangehood/Grease Filters

Rangehood or Grease filters are used above or around range tops to prevent grease and spatter from entering the fan.


    Furnace/HVAC Filters

Furnace or HVAC filters are used for heating, ventilating, or air conditioning and forced air systems.

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